Agricultura Regenerativa Tropical - Sítio Escola em Itápolis-SP



is ART?


A school-farm which produces flavours (vegetables, fruits, aromatics and medicinal plants ) with an experimental approach, combining production, research and courses.

Regenerative Tropical Agriculture (ART) was created from Anthroposophy, With the aim of demonstrating that it is possible to produce food with high vitality in a tropical climate, based on agroforestry and regenerative processes.


Regenerate the vitality of agricultural landscapes through the use of local resources, without using inputs from animal or industrial origin, which have an unsustainable environmental footprint.


Make trees our main economic production partners. Demonstrate that it is possible to plant up to 500 trees / ha in production area and not just in the PPA's. 

ART = more than "without pesticides"



Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science is the foundation of our work, from conception to production and research.



ART exists for all farmers, by visiting the farm Sabores, through courses, providing independence from external inputs and also through fair trade.



ART is productive and at the same time faces the current climate crisis. While bringing trees into the tillage, it increases the soil's humus, helps the water cycle and the capture of carbon from the atmosphere. 


ART is innovative in combining three known practices: (i) green manure, (ii) fertilization with ramial chipped wood (RCW) and (iii) the management of broadleaf herbs; ART is always changing, meeting the needs of each location. It is in a constant work of research and development.





Poly-cultivation of organic foods, flavors, pulps and raisins. Balance of cosmic and earth factors in plant production.

Excellent quality, intense flavor and high content of active ingredients (º Brix).


Our research arises from the need to demonstrate and explain in a scientific way the success of ART and its premises, through quantitative research with the inclusion of qualitative suprasensory elements.


The farm is being structured to be a school farm. We are building a place where we will have some indoor classes. But most courses will take place in the field.


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Eng. Agr./Msc

Cristiane Guerreiro


Agronomist with 10 year of experience in multinationa. She was a grower and worked with organic certification. Became a mainstay for production, participating in the decisions and implementation of the farm. With a master degree in phytotechnics of medicinal plants and in Ecological Design Thinking. Took over all the procedures for organic certification. Excellent Public Relations with researchers.

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Abrahão Brisola de Almeida

Field Worker

Farmer and bricklayer, with experience in civil construction, tropical forest, opening of roads, subsistence agriculture and earthworks.

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Carolina Lopes

Financial Analyst

Graduated in Hospitality at Senac, with experience in managing the food and beverage sector. Nowadays, at ART, she performs financial, fiscal and accounting control and advises the communication area.

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Jorge Santos

Field Worker

Bushman, banana grower and horticulturist, with experience in nursery, fruit, tropical forest, seed collection, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry. Ability to lead teams.


Jessé Brisola de Almeida

Field Worker

Bushman, agriculturist and gardener, with experience in organic fertilizers, horticulture, fruit growing, tropical forest, seed collection, nursery, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry.

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Advisory Board

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources in multinational companies in various segments. Nowadays she participates at ART in the discussion and advice on topics related to Human Resources and strategic actions.


Eng. Agr.

Manfred von Osterroht

Implanter of the site

Worked with food production. Co-author of the ART method and field agronomist, he has a procedural view towards process technologies. Practical and investigative skills focused on innovation. He has a look towards the landscape.

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Jose Vitor

Field Worker

Farmer and tractor driver, with experience in slaughterhouse and home electrification, as well as irrigation and planting systems.

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José Henrique Mellado Serveto

Advisory Board

Born in Spain. Business Administrator by PUCSP. He has a specialization in Human Resources from FGVSP. MBA in Public Management from FGVSP. HR manager in national and multinational companies. Current owner partner of the company Ferrer León Consultores em RH.

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Recently graduated as a laboratory technician. Responsible for feeding the whole team and allows everyone's day to be more calm.

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Stray dog, still a big baby, he is playful, likes to be close to us. The ART watchdog.