Agricultura Regenerativa Tropical - Sítio Escola em Itápolis-SP

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What is ART??


A farm-school with production of vegetables, fruits and herbs, with an experimental touch, combining production, research and courses.

An association of people who want to regenerate landscapes by agriculture. We want’ to do it! Research solutions and  demonstrate them at the farm-school.

It is an experimental agriculture, capable of:

Regenerate degraded landscapes, by production;

- Produce the fertilizers it needs, in the agroforestry organism;

- Generate plant health by managing agrobiodiversity;

- Deliver even more vitalized foods;

Print in the cosmic energies through planetary trees.


We want to inspire by example;

Facing a real landscape;

Research and develop, so we can demonstrate;

Let everyone draw its own conclusions;

Innovation by practical doing !


- Crisis of small scale farming and food security!
- Crisis of too much expensive inputs!!
- Climate crisis !!!
Our choice: regenerate degraded landscapes using ART



All work on of the ART Project culminates in teaching activities: courses and internships will be offered regularly, to facilitate access to young people and people in search of new solutions.



The ART project seeks complete freedom and independence for all research work. New research partners can and should examine ART crops according to their own criteria. ART is not an ideology, but an innovative management that needs to be tested and evaluated.



The region of Itápolis is marked by small scale farming with vegetable gardens and orchards. The farmers are organized in 3 cooperatives, the COAGROSOL, the Cooperative ANNONA of bio producers and the COOPERHORTA. We seek to interact a lot with cooperatives and family farmers, who feel the weight of increased costs/inputs.




Small scale farming is on guard: it will be hit hard by the extremes of the climate crisis. Prolonged droughts, off-hours frosts and torrential rains will test farmers' resilience. ART came to help!

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The evolutionary work of Lynn Margulis, which rises to Symbiogenesis as a stronger evolutionary process than natural selection. Symbiogenesis= emergence of the new by the symbiosis of two or more organisms.

- The Anthroposophy developed by Rudolf Steiner, which brings us a regenerability with spirituality, as in his evolutionary vision for PEACE, praising the cooperation between living beings as a major evolutionary vector.

- Goethe’s scientific view, that reveals the landscapes as a living and unique organism, helps us to understand the specific needs of each one. Every landscape, a different management.

- The intuitive and practical experience of Ernst Goetsch, creator of a special type of agroforest, the so called “Agrofloresta”. That is, the first phase of his work, done in Bahia, by de-savannization. 

- The researchers of IAC / IAPAR / EPAGRI offering variety of options of green manuring and biomass production.

- The indigenous tradition that insists on the known consortia (pumpkin, corn, beans, manioc), is inspiring new polycultures within horti-fruti crops (cooperative companion plants). It is up to the broad leaf spontaneous herbs to fill the biological voidness.



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Geographer / PUC-SP

Eduardo Carlini

A geographer who graduated from PUC-SP 20 years ago, Edu is passionate about territories, indigenous peoples and Brazilian landscapes. As he works with education and teacher training, he pays special attention to human issues. More recently, he became an organic producer of fruits, vegetables and spices & medicinals, here in Itápolis.

Eng. Agr.

Antonio Parra

Antônio is an agronomist, he has worked extensively with R&D and is now dedicated to consulting in organic agriculture and strategic planning, with experience in project management. His specialization in soil management and a master's degree in agroecology and rural development help a lot in raising questions for new lines of research, here at Sítio-Escola ART.

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Abrahão Brisola de Almeida

Field Worker

Farmer and bricklayer, with experience in civil construction, tropical forest, opening of roads, subsistence agriculture and earthworks.


Jessé Brisola de Almeida

Field Worker

Bushman, agriculturist and gardener, with experience in organic fertilizers, horticulture, fruit growing, tropical forest, seed collection, nursery, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry.

Eng. Agr.

Manfred von Osterroht

Project Manager

Manfred has always worked in production and courses. Co-author of the ART method, he considers himself a field agronomist, having an innovative look at process technologies that can mean a change in agriculture. Its technical and investigative capabilities transform its skills in the development of new technologies. For landscapes, he has an organic look with a focus on productive landscapes.

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Jose Vitor

Field Worker

Farmer and tractor driver, with experience in slaughterhouse and home electrification, as well as irrigation and planting systems.

Jessica Talon

administrative assistant

Born in Itápolis, Jessica is an accountant by training. She has worked in an accounting firm for 9 years and 1 year in a cooperative focused on family farming. Born and raised on the farm, she immediately identified with the ART project. With her experience in the tax, accounting and personnel department, Jessica assists in the financial and administrative areas. In addition to helping with communication.

Alessandra  Barioni.jpeg

Alessandra Barioni

Board of Directors

Alessandra is a technician in Environment and graduated in Institutional Communication, being a manager in the expertise sector at Madrid Engenharia. But what 'Alê' really likes is working for tourism, acting as a travel consultant for the ''Clube Turismo''. She has been a member of the Association for the Promotion of the Return of Trees for many years and now serves as a board member.


Lai Gomes

Field Worker


Born in Alagoas, Lai came to

the Itápolis region at the it of age 18, living and working throughout the region for many, many years:

he worked with several crops, broiler chicken, fruit growing, horticulture and in a seedling nursery. He went through countless valuable experiences before finding our project, risking his luck in regenerative agriculture.

Sueli Salomão.jpeg

Sueli Solomon

Board of Directors

Sueli is a business administrator, graduated in Social Work,

at PUC/SP. She has worked in a retail bank for a long time, and shared experiences in social movements in neighborhoods. She is interested in contributing to initiatives that open perspectives to small producers, combining ecological and economic sustainability and family farming, producing with quality and fair price.

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Jennifer, recently graduated as a laboratory technician. Responsible for feeding the whole class, cleaning and laundry, Jennifer enables everyone's daily lives to be more fluid.

Brenda Ferreira.jpeg

Tech. Logistics / Administration

Brenda Ferreira Claro

Communication and Administrative


Born in Itápolis, Brenda has a degree in Logistics and Administration.

She has worked in the food industry, embroidery and hotelier. With a vision focused on technology, Brenda comes to strengthen communication, bringing and gaining new experiences, in addition to helping us with financial and administrative matters.